This model is the latest hand-held version of the holder medical hand-held vascular imaging device. It is compact and portable. It can be easily handled by medical staff. It can also be fixed by the selected mobile trolley bracket and desktop fixed bracket, so as to quickly evaluate and search the superficial venous vessels of patients. ZD-JM-260 series of various types of stents can be fixed to medical staff for puncture, surgery and other medical operations.





         This model is a desktop model of the series of medical vascular imaging devices. The product is designed with desktop design, and equipped with hover bracket and multi-joint adjusting mechanism, which is very flexible and convenient. To help medical staff find veins, while achieving non-invasive, non-nuclear medical radiation (X-ray, gamma ray, etc.) characteristics, reducing the suffering of specific patients and doctor-patient disputes.

Angiograph(Hand-push bracket type)


Model:Trolley Stand


         This model is a bracket type model of the series of medical vascular imaging devices, the product adopts the design of hand-pushed bracket, and the supporting structure can be moved easily; the product of hand-pushed bracket is designed for medical and nursing personnel with mobile needs, the bracket moving chassis is stable and reliable; and it is equipped with a storage basket; and it can hover bracket at any position and multi-joint adjusting mechanism, with high flexibility. It is easy to operate. It is suggested to use mobile medical environment such as ward and emergency room.

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       Chiding Medical Vascular Imaging Apparatus uses proprietary technology developed independently, uses infrared ray to detect superficial subcutaneous veins, and real-time, in-situ projection of vein images on the skin surface, so that medical staff can check the distribution and direction of blood vessels according to their needs.


Product principle

       Chiding Medical Vessel Imaging Apparatus uses the blood in vein to absorb infrared radiation peak value. It collects information by using micro camera, and through a series of photoelectric information conversion, real-time vein image is projected to the skin in situ through micro projector.

Application scenario

       It involves venipuncture in hospital departments, laboratory institutions, first aid and so on. It has significant effect on children, obesity, edema, and patients with vascular localization difficulties such as low blood volume. It is helpful to improve the success rate of venipuncture, reduce the pain of patients and improve the doctor-patient relationship.

Intended for

       It is helpful to patients with difficult vascular localization (such as children, obesity, edema, etc.), patients with dyskinesia, and patients in sudden distress.

Product characteristics

■ Three image colors: blue and white, red and green, red and white, one-click free switching

■ Image performance optimization with high accuracy

■ The brightness of the image is adjustable and suitable for different operating environments.

■ Medical cold light source irradiation, safe without eye injury

■ Touch sleep, fast and power saving

■ Smaller and lighter, easy to carry

■ Unique Image Enhancement System




Children's blood vessels are thin and difficult to find with the naked eye.

Holding medical blood vessel imaging device can effectively help medical staff to find children's veins.





Scar and dermatosis patients

It is difficult to identify the blood vessels of patients with scar on epidermis with naked eyes

Medical vessel imaging system can help medical staff quickly locate and locate the veins of these patients.










表皮长深毛患者 肉眼不易查找,执鼎医疗血管显像仪