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OCTA 2010


Scope of application:

Used for tomography and examination of fundus tissue structure



Chiding OCTA 2010 is a non-invasive, non-contact, high-resolution tomography instrument, which can improve the timeliness of doctors'diagnosis of ocular diseases TT disease, achieve rapid and non-invasive acquisition of fundus retina slices, and meet the standard OCT application in ophthalmology.



■ 定位于基层眼科的分级诊疗、操作简便

■ 快捷、准确、灵巧,满足标准OCT在眼科的使用

■ 让每一位眼科医师都拥有OCT成为可能


Practical OCTA 2010 --"Qixing" in Basic Ophthalmology Grading Diagnosis and Treatment


▲ Let every ophthalmologist have high-quality practical OCT

▲ Helping standardized diagnosis and treatment of diabetic retina

▲ Promoting the Development of Basic Ophthalmology


Accurate imaging



Clinical application: fast, accurate and dexterous

The practical OCT can improve the timeliness of ophthalmologic disease diagnosis, achieve rapid and non-invasive acquisition of retinal tomography, and meet the standard OCT in ophthalmology.




Accuracy: Provide high imaging depth and resolution


Compact: Small size, easy to use.


Easy to use: Simple software, simple operation, fast image generation


Compatibility: Easy to combine with standard microscope to provide higher resolution.

■ Classified diagnosis and treatment in primary ophthalmology with simple operation


■ Fast, accurate and dexterous, meeting the standard OCT in ophthalmology


■ Make it possible for every ophthalmologist to have OCT